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Recipes for Essential Oil Blends | Nourishing Treasures March 9, 2016

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I found this website today and it is the largest resource that I have found so far with recipes for mixing your own essential oil blends.

I use essential oils daily for myself and the kids.  Little Miss loves the lavender blends at night to help her sleep more soundly and fall asleep easier.  Pookie sleeps better and also can be calmed during over-stimulation with the oils as well.  Some blends, like those with peppermint, are good aroma therapy when I have a stuffy nose.

Hopefully, the list will be beneficial to some of you as well.


2 Responses to “Recipes for Essential Oil Blends | Nourishing Treasures”

  1. Very interesting. Do you buy the products from them, and or where do you buy some of these herbs from? My belief is that homemade seems better than bought. You don’t know exactly how much of each herb is in some lesser known brands. With making them yourself you know exactly. Do you make your own, and if so, what is the shelf life?

    • I am buying my oils at the health food store for now. Am hoping to start infusing my own though. I know the concentration won’t be the same but it will be much more economical as well as knowing exactly what is in the oils.

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