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Momma’s Day Out July 27, 2014

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I am a very blessed woman.  Yesterday, my beloved husband told me to go and have a day to myself.  He understand the demands that being a stay-at-home can be.  Between tending the home, caring for the children, homeschooling, and the daily therapies for our son, I can get worn out.  While he worked as a long-haul truck driver, I had little to no breaks from the home responsibilities.  I really needed this break.  It isn’t a selfish need.  Everyone knows that you need a way to center yourself in order to be effective in your tasks as a spouse, parent, and just in dealing with daily life.

A dear friend, Christee, recently reminded me that I needed to carve out a time of day that is totally all about recharging myself.  Without it, I have been getting drained physically and emotionally.  and have been constantly exhausted.  After yesterday, I feel rejuvenated again.

I did something totally frivolous, but something that I have thought about for a long time.  I had my hair cut.  They took 14″ off the length.  That alone has been a blessing.  The long hair was always having to be put up do to the heat of summer.  It felt so good to get the hair dealt with.  It is still shoulder length, but the bulk of it is now gone.

Next, I went and did the little bit of shopping for supplies that I needed to take care of.  We didn’t have too much to get, but this eliminates my husband from having to stop after work.

My favorite part of the day was going to the library.  I spend time on the computer looking up more information about the communication system that our son is going to be taught.  Afterwards, I looked up new patterns to crochet for gifts and winter wear.

I came home to find the kids already in bed sleeping.  Daddy had wore them out playing outdoors all day.  The day was a fun break for them as well.  While getting a few things done, they still spent time playing on the slip & slide and other outdoor games.  Daddy had time alone with the kids which they sorely needed as well.



3 Responses to “Momma’s Day Out”

  1. Sounds like an amazing day! My kiddos are 13 and 15 so I am able to have more me time, whether it’s lunch with friends, running errands or maybe just cleaning house while they have time with their papa. It’s always well needed!

  2. Carolin Martens Says:

    I am very happy for you Paula. Everyone needs that little bit of time to themselves to recharge.Now that mine are a bit older I can go for a walk by myself. Friday night they go to their dads for a sleepover so that is my time to destress. I either go for a walk, garden, take a bubble bath, read, something I can unwind with and feel ready for a new day.Glad to hear the kids had a great day with their dad also.

  3. I can totally relate to needing that time away. I’m glad you got that! The most alone time I’ve ever had in nearly 5 years of mommyhood is a trip to the doctor or the grocery store. We used to have a date night every month or two, but now it’s more like once a year, since our second child was born and our support system has weakened,

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