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Finding Local Farms & Farmers’ Markets July 3, 2014

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As a part of preparing to take the No Grocery Store for a Year challenge, I am in the process of searching out local farms and Farmers’ Markets where we can purchase locally grown produce, eggs, and raw milk.  

Tonight I wanted to share a few resources that may be of benefit to others who are wanting to buy locally instead of the GMO and chemical laden produce at the grocery stores.

Local Harvest is a searchable online directory for the United States.  By searching using your zip code, you are given a listing of the farms and markets in your immediate area.

Farmers Markets Online contains a searchable directory for markets in the United States.  An added feature that I like is that you can search for specific items.

OK Grown is a listing of farmers markets here in Oklahoma.  

Real Milk Finder is a searchable directory for locating farms which sell raw milk.

Some dairy farms will give you a lower price on the milk if you supply your own gallon containers.  I have found that it is easiest to use the gallon size glass jars.  Unlike plastic, these will never get an “off” odor from storing milk in them.  I have never purchased the glass jars.  Instead, I found a deli shop in town that throws away the gallon jars the sandwich condiments come in.  The jalapeno peppers, for example, always come in the glass gallon size jars.  Once washed, the jalapeno scent is completely removed from the jar and lid.  These work great for the raw milk.

For those wondering about the safety of drinking raw milk, here is an article by Dr. Mercola about the US government’s study results regarding raw milk safety.  It is interesting to note that one of the biggest voices against raw milk happened to be a lawyer who represents Monsanto.

For those interested in raw farm milk but undecided about the “to pasteurize or not to pasteurize” issue, here is a great article from Backwoods Home Magazine that gives the history of pasteurization, the benefits and drawbacks, and instructions on how to pasteurize milk at home.

Hopefully the above links will help give you ideas on where you can find locally grown/produced foods near you.  


One Response to “Finding Local Farms & Farmers’ Markets”

  1. momnoa Says:

    We have been drinking raw milk for over three years now. We feel so much better. Before I had stomach problems when I drank store bought milk, plus the flavor was not very good. I use half gallon canning jars for my milk, it is easier for me to handle. We are currently buying our milk from a local farmer, we go to his farm and pick up our 5 gallons of milk every Friday from his refrigerator in his milking barn. Come spring, we should be getting milk from our own cows. We have four heifers right now with our bull and we are praying that all four will be calving in the spring.

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