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No Grocery Store Challenge Preparations July 2, 2014

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In my previous post, I spoke of a blog article that was written about a family’s challenge to go a year without grocery shopping at a store.  It has inspired me in many ways.

Over the past week, I have been noticing how easy it is to just go to the store instead of hitting up the pantry or other options.  I realize that my pantry isn’t really set up for doing the challenge.  It is growing season right now and so the stores of vegetables and such that I had last autumn are depleted.  I still need to locate local farms that sell raw milk, eggs, and farmer’s markets for produce.

One area that I am working on currently is to restructure my recipe collection.  I am taking into consideration the items we typically might buy, but can be made easily at home.  One example is saltine crackers.  How often do you purchase a box of these at the store to use with soups or eat as a part of a snack?  Did you know that these can be made with only 5 ingredients that are commonly found in nearly any pantry?  Here is an easy recipe that is fast and easy to make.

Saltine Crackers

2 cups flour
1 tsp. salt
2/3 c. milk
2 tbsp. butter
1/2 tsp. baking soda

Combine the dry ingredients, cut in the butter, then stir in the milk.  Round into a ball and knead for few strokes.  Divide dough into several pieces and roll out very thin on a floured board.  Lay sheets on ungreased cookie sheet.  Sprinkle with salt and prick with a fork.  Cut into 1 1/2 inch squares with a sharp knife or pizza cutter.  Bake at 375 degrees for 10 to 12 minutes or until lightly browned.

There are many things that we are so accustomed to buying that can be made easily at home.  We have simply become spoiled with the convenience of the stores.  Over the next few months, I am going to be making changes here at the homestead to take the challenge.  I am being realistic.  I know that if we were to simply start the challenge tomorrow, we would likely fail.  I do want to make the necessary changes to give us a real chance at being as successful as possible in doing the challenge.

The end goal is to rely as little as possible on the stores for our food.  We don’t want to continue being caught in the trap of having to pay rising costs to feed our family a healthy meal.  We also are wanting to support local small farms that are trying to survive in a time when Monsanto’s GMO food products are so prevalent and forcing small family farms out of business.  It is also giving us back the control to decide what we will and won’t put into our bodies.  I have said this before but it can never be said too often, “The chemicals individually that are used in food production may be determined to be safe, but there has never been sufficient testing done on what the cumulative effects of the various chemicals to our bodies.  How do they interact as the chemicals build up in our bodies over time?”   By being more aware of where our food comes from, we can make informed choices.

I  look forward to hearing about any plans that you may have to trying this challenge in some form or fashion.


3 Responses to “No Grocery Store Challenge Preparations”

  1. jkschafer Says:

    I look foreword to reading more about your challenge. I have recently melded two homes into one and my pantry runeth over with ingredients. I am going to make your saltine crackers this afternoon with my 14 yr old and see how they go. The added advantage is we can use organic flour and Himalayan sea salt! Cool!

  2. Carolin Martens Says:

    I love the idea of this challenge. I mentioned it to my girls and they were shocked. We do eat very healthy with at least 95 percent of it homemade. The challenge for me would be stockpiling for an entire year. I use gallon glass jars also, but would really have to save and then do a run to the bulk store to buy enough for the year. With the right planning we would be able to.We do go to farmers markets but I am unable to find items such as sour cream or raw milk. Not allowed to sell it here in Canada. I have made my own sour cream before, just have to freeze the cream ahead until I am ready to make it. I may take the challenge at a later date once things are set up—-Good luck with your challenge.

    • Good luck to you as well. It sounds like you are on a good start towards thinking ahead. Do you have the large warehouse type store in Canada, similar to the Sam’s Club stores here in the US? They are membership stores where we paid $40 for an annual membership. Even if we only shopped once a year and stocked up, we would be saving far more than that membership feel For example, a 2-pound package of dry active yeast (a twin pack of 2 one pound packages) costs about $4.00. If I were to purchase the same volume of yeast at the grocery market, I would pay over $200 for the little packets of small jars of the exact same brand & type of yeast. That is one of the best ways to save on items you cannot produce/grow yourself or purchase through a farmers market.

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