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No Pattern Crochet Vest for Kids April 29, 2014

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I have been wanting to crochet a few simple pull-over vests for our kids.  Nothing fancy, just am added layer to wear next winter to help stay warmer.  This morning, I remembered very old idea for making the vests.  Best part is, no pattern is required!

First step is to take measurements.  Measure the child around their chest.  Add 1.5 -2″ to this amount to allow room needed for pouring on the vest and wearing a shirt underneath.

Next, measure from 1-2″ below the armpit to the waist where you want the vest to end. 

Last measurement is the shoulder from the place where the top of the vest will be from front to back.

When crocheting the vest, you make 3 pieces: a tube that forms the body of the vest and two rectangular shoulder straps that are 2-3″ wide.

To make the body (tube) of the vest, chain stitch the length of your chest measurement.  Slip stitch to close the ring.  Chain two stitches then start crocheting with your favorite stitch pattern beginning at the second stitch from hook. Continue all the way around until you reach the beginning of the row.  Slip stitch to end that row.  Repeat the process until the tube is the length needed for the vest measurement. 

For shoulder straps, make two rectangles 2-3″ wide and the length needed according to your measurement.  You may want to place the vest body on the child and measure the strap length.  At that time, place rope markers or a short price of yarn where the straps will be attached to the front of the vest body. This will make finishing easier later.

Stitch your straps to size.  Align one short end of each strap to the placement markers on the front of the vest body.  Single crochet into place.  Lay vest flat with front side facing downward.  Align shoulder straps to the back so that they are even with the front. Single crochet into place.

To finish, you can now stitch a pretty edging onto the vest if desired.

Voila!  You are done.  A simple pullover child’s vest without a pattern.  Enjoy!


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