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Daddy is Coming Home! March 7, 2014

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Today is a special day for our family. Daddy is leaving his trucking job and will be working locally.  My beloved husband has been a truck driver for 12 years.  With the exception of a 2.5 year period overall, he has been driving trucks and spending most of his time away from home in our entire marriage.  We met through a trucking company and eventually had become team drivers.  We drove together up until I was approaching my 6th month of pregnancy with our daughter.  He left the company with me so that he could drive for a more local company until after our daughter was born.  The longest time away from trucking was when I had to be put on complete bedrest during my pregnancy with our son.  He left trucking to be home with me and worked locally until our son was about 29 months old.  Since then, he has been back on the truck.

One of the main reasons for returning to trucking was the pay.  Living in a rural setting, there are not very many opportunities to work at a career that allows for a single income to support a family.  So, after trying everything possible at that time, he had to go back on a truck.  This time, he has found work through a temp service that will support us until he is able to find a local trucking job.

Today, I am going to the terminal so that hubby can unload the truck and we can bring him home.  While in Dallas, we are visiting friends and simply taking a little break.  I cannot wait to see him home every night again!  We have been praying for the opportunity to arrive for a very long time now.


3 Responses to “Daddy is Coming Home!”

  1. Carolin Martens Says:

    I am so happy for your family. It will be nice for you to have the extra hands at home with work and I bet the kids are excited to see Daddy everyday–God Bless–Carolin

  2. Betsy Says:

    I’m so glad you will have your husband at home. My husband used to travel quite often when our children were little and it was such a relief when he began being home more than being gone. I will pray that your husband will be able to find a job that will support your family.

  3. Suzanne Roderick Says:

    How exciting! We don’t have kids at home anymore but so nice to have them home every night. And the extra hands around your ranch will be more than appreciated I’m sure. So nice to have a meal together and share stories during the evening. And the help with all the duties will be such a blessing…………praise the Lord for you…………..

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