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Extreme Couponing? February 24, 2014

Filed under: pantry building — ourprairiehome @ 8:25 pm

Okay, I have watched the shows both on a TV and through YouTube videos.  I am intrigued.  I checked the websites of the stores I go to and found they do have store coupons that you can either print or have loaded onto your store rewards card automatically. One problem with having them on the rewards card is that you can’t check expiration dates. You have to print a list of the coupons and add that info yourself. Overall however, I like the convenience of it. I may do both, have a print copy as well as load up the rewards card.

Quite often, out seems that the products that I use do not have coupons, such as large bags of flour. You see, I cook without using a lot of boxed/packaged foods. I am very curious though as to how much better I can build the pantry with the couponing.

Over the weekend, I had purchased 2 months worth of food for $124 without using any coupons.  I wonder how much more I could have bought had I been extreme couponing?

My beloved is changing jobs.  Within two weeks, he will no longer be doing a trucking job that takes him away from home for a week or more at a time.  He will be working locally and home every night, in likely with weekends off. It is something we have been wanting for a long time.  I will be planning less shopping trips, but making larger purchase amounts when we do go.  My beloved is great about helping me and has no problem with us hooking up a utility trailer and taking lots of 18-gallon totes to haul the groceries home in.  Shopping that way, we go once a month instead of every week or two.


7 Responses to “Extreme Couponing?”

  1. Suzanne Roderick Says:

    Wow, how exciting that your husband will be working close again! Will he be working in the town of Okemah again? And you will have his help with the kids and all the spring events coming up…… excited for you

  2. aumcchildren Says:

    I am like you. I rarely buy anything that uses coupons. Bulk rice, fruits and veggies..were are the coupons? the best I can do is compare ads and go with the cheapest. I”m curious as to what sort of things you buy that can equal that much food for $124. I know; you guys are off grid. Do you can a lot? Grow your own animals for food? We are going to be moving to a new house in a month and we will only have $200 a month for 4 of us if I dont work so although I have a great handle on groceries, any info would be great 🙂

  3. frugalhen Says:

    I too have the same issue. I don’t use a lot of items in the “center aisles” of the stores.
    I have no use for 50 frozen pizzas, 100 cans of soda, or 30 boxes of cereal, all for $5.00. 🙂
    Since my pantry is well stocked with staples, because I buy in bulk and when items are on clearance, I can keep my expenses at the grocery store to a minimum and we eat pretty darn good! I’m a bit lazy too. That extreme couponing seems like hard work! So, bless the ladies that are able to keep up with it! I like just hopping online, checking out the ad and downloading any coupons I might use to my shopper card.

  4. Carolin Martens Says:

    So glad for you that your husband will be working closer to home. I find that there are no coupons for people who cook from scratch. I stick to the basics like, flour, eggs, oil, fruits, veg, etc. While I check weekly for sales there are no coupons for things like this. Prepackaged foods, yes, but I do not buy those things. Our Bulk store will have a coupon for $ 3.00 of when you spend $ 10.00 or more, but the bill is always way over that anyway. I check on every clearance isle, markdowns, etc. In order to save money I shop weekly to find the sales and stock up. We are now good for oil, brown sugar, pasta, rice, coconut milk, beans, until summer time. I need to wait for a sale on flour, then stock up. I put it in large plastic bins in the basement. Our bill will go from $ 100.00 a week sometimes more, then drop down to $ 80.00 and then back up depending on what is on sale. We are a family of 4 and then I cook for the kids in my daycare. We eat fairly decently so I cannot complain. I just wish there were coupons for people who actually cooked instead of buying everything already made.

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