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Homemaking Binders January 22, 2014

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Over the past couple of weeks, I have been working on a homemaking binder for this year. A little late, but I am working on hand drawn pages for now until I can get pages printed out in town.

Using the hand drawn pages had been a blessing. I am able to make adjustments as I go along. Once I have the format set the way I want, I will draft a copy on the computer.

I started with the basic sections:  Bible study, Important Info, Calendar, Daily pages, and Menu/Grocery.

Bible study is my daily devotionals.  It is a record of what I read each day and my thoughts about that passage.

Important Information includes vehicle & homestead equipment records, insurance, address book pages that include some to be printed onto yellow paper for my personal yellow pages phone list, and family information pages to record special days, clothing sizes and preferences.

Calendar contains a yearly calendar and monthly calendar pages.

Daily pages will be its own section.  These pages will be the most often used pages in the binder.  On the pages, I can record tasks to be done as well as notes for homeschool lessons.

Menu/Grocery section will contain my weekly menus with their grocery lists, my pantry goals list for stocking the pantry, and recipes for each week’s menu.  The section will also include a price book section for listing most often purchased groceries with their current price & store found for doing price comparisons.

Additional sections that I am considering are as follows. 

Cleaning & Maintenance – this would contain a weekly cleaning/maintenance schedule for the home and homestead.  There will also be pages that list the steps to be taken. For example, how to check fluids and tire pressure on the lawn tractor.  This particular page would include the type of oil used, oil filter part number, and other information to purchase parts for a tune-up.

Gardening section – garden plan, seed purchase order, planting schedule with estimated harvest dates, seed/plant variety sheet to record notes on how each performed in our climate.

Canning records – not only would this section help me plan and meet my canning goals for our pantry, but it would also help me track what we use.  I may also include favorite canning recipes.

I considered including the main homeschool records in this binder, but decided against it.  The homeschool records include not only Little Miss’ daily lessons, but Pookie’s TEACCH tasks and therapies. These would make the homemaking binder quite cumbersome.  So, these records will be kept separate.

I am busy drafting the forms currently.  I will be making them available one all are finished.  As soon as the binder is completely assembled, I will take pictures and post a tour of the binder.

A separate binder tour that I will be doing in the coming weeks is a tour of Little Miss’ binder.  She saw me working on mine and wanted one of her own.  Her binder includes daily devotions, daily chores, homeschool schedule, progress sheets for her Keepers at Home program, and a contact list.  Here is a brief explanation of her binder sections.

Daily Devotions includes a reading log of what she read that day.  I am including a section on the page for her to record “how I can be a blessing to others today”. The purpose for this is to teach her to think of others, which is often a hard one for kids.

Daily Chores contains a list of what needs done each day. There will be a sheet for each day of the week so that weekly chores, such as dusting her bedroom, can be included. There will be “how-to” sheets to tell her step by step how to clean her bedroom, for example.

Homeschool schedule will have her daily lesson schedule so she know ahead of time what subjects will be expected to be done each day.  This is separate from the visual schedule that she uses at her desk.

Contacts – Little Miss loves to make and send cards, so I will have the addresses most often used in her binder.  With each address, there will be birthdays listed for each person.

I may not include a calendar in her binder.  She had a wall calendar that she uses to keep track of birthdays and activities. If she requests a calendar section, I will add one later.

I love the idea of her having her own binder.  It is an easy way to start training her in how to make and follow routines.  It will help teach time management skills that will serve her well later on as an adult.  I am so humbled that she requested one at her young age. She will be 8 years old in a couple of months.  By staying with a binder now, she will be far ahead of the game of learning basic organizational skills and self-discipline.


3 Responses to “Homemaking Binders”

  1. Carolin Martens Says:

    I started my own binder this year also. Helps with the organization. So many times I think I will remember things and now realize at my age and how busy we are things need to be written down. I will add a canning section. First year of doing tomatoes and we will be lucky to get enough for the year. My other sections were gardening, beauty for soap recipes, cleaning, My kids are older but they to go to the book when they need to make something instead of asking me to do it.

  2. Sheryl at Providence Acres Farm Says:

    I like the new blog! We live a simple life with the Lord’s help and by choice too. It’s a journey…not a destination. We love it!

  3. Sheryl at Providence Acres Farm Says:

    I used to keep a binder too. It was very helpful. I just ran out of time to keep up with it but it’s a great idea!

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