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Unexpected Blessings January 11, 2014

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Yesterday, I had a surplus of milkso shared it with our neighbors who are retired and raising two grandchildren. This family is very dear to us. We feel blessed to be considered a part of their family. 

While there, Momma gave me a beautiful lap/shawl size afghan that she has crocheted for me. It will always be a treasured gift.


This morning, Pop and his brother stopped by with a pickup truck load of pecan firewood that was cut and split to fit in my wood-burning cookstove.  What a blessing!  The load was enough to fill three large shipping crates.  When I thanked him for the wood, he told me that cutting it have him something to do.

We are so blessed to have neighbors like Momma and Pop.  Like us, they live as close to a self-reliant life as they can and have taught us so much.  In many ways, they mentor us. Always available to help us learn a new skill if needed.  Our families look out for one another just as families used to do generations ago. 

When I think of our relationship with their family, I can’t help but wonder how much better our world would be if everyone treated each other this way.  Each doing all they can to not have to depend on others.  Each being willing to shared their surplus resources or knowledge.  Utopia? Maybe.  It would sure make life better for all though if people thought less about what was in it for them and more about how they can bless another.


2 Responses to “Unexpected Blessings”

  1. Betsy Says:

    How blessed you are to have neighbors like this. I have often said it would be wonderful to live like this again. Unfortunately in our suburban neighborhood, no matter how hard I try, no one wants to be particularly neighborly. Everyone opens their garage doors, drives in and closes the door behind them. You don’t see them again until they leave. A lot even have yard and snow removal services so you don’t see them outside at all. Very sad. I long for the old days. I was just quilting this morning and thinking how nice with would be to be able to be doing that task with other women as in the Amish communities.

  2. Carolin Martens Says:

    I live in an area where some of the neighbors are friendly enough. With last weeks snow storm many of the neighbors will help with the snow blowers,especially with the elders. My new neighbor with 2 small children came over with a tin of homebaked cookies. Sometimes it is a chat to see how we are each doing in our lives. I think if people really slowed down instead of the rat race we live in, we would realize we need connections with other people. It never hurts to take a few minutes to help out another person in our daily lives.

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