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Returning to My Heart November 27, 2013

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About three years ago, you wouldn’t have caught me wearing a pair of jeans.  The closest to it was maybe the leggings that I wore under my long skirts to keep warm in winter or the sleep pants that I wore at night.  Then, I allows the opinions of others to influence my clothing choices.  It began rather innocently at first.  I had a long running agreement with my father-in-law, Carl, that when we were able to make a trip to New York to visit, I was going to go on a ride with him on his Harley.  Well, a Harley motorcycle ride and long skirts just don’t seem to go together very well.  So, I bought a pair of jeans at a thrift store just for that purpose.  Once I wore those jeans, it became easier to give in and start wearing them more often.  Soon, I was buying a couple of more pair at yard sales.  It seemed easier somehow.  I didn’t get the comments or “looks” from others that the dresses and skirts always brought about.  In short, I allowed peer pressure to affect my choices.

Over the past couple of months, I have found myself missing the more modest style of dressing.  Unfortunately, by now my wardrobe no longer contains the skirts or dresses I wore previously.  I have a bad habit of putting my family’s clothing needs ahead of my own.  I will wear my own clothing until it is thread worn or no longer repairable.  It didn’t help that I rarely will buy my clothing new.  I usually buy the clothing second-hand.

Last week, I had a bit extra and was able to finally go to a thrift store and find a couple of long skirts.  One is a black ankle length skirt made of the thermal waffle weave fabric.  It will be perfect to use in winter to help me stay warmer.  The second is a dual purpose skirt.  It is a long white tiered skirt with a built in slip.  It is modest enough to wear as a skirt but would also make a wonderful long half slip.  It is so hard to find long half slips.  Typically, they are much shorter.

While there, I also found a couple of headscarves.  I have missed the headcoverings.  After conversations with my husband, I am going to start wearing a covering again.  It won’t be the style I wore previously that looked more like an Amish prayer kapp.  Instead, I will be wearing a more modern style.  A snood or bandana makes a good covering for around home when I am working about the house.  For outings, I am planning to wear pretty scarves.  I have always loved the gypsy or bohemian style of wearing a colorful scarf.  It is modern, yet still very feminine.

Our definition of modesty may very well be different that what others’ consider modest.  The method in which I dress will reflect the leading of our hearts in what is modest and appropriate.  I may not fall in line with what others’ believe but we have to follow what we feel is right.  Each person decides for themselves what is right.  I won’t dictate to anyone what they should or shouldn’t wear.  I can only follow the leadings that I am feeling is right for myself and our daughter.

Little Miss has been asking me to make or buy her some skirts or dresses.  She told me that she misses seeing me wear a headcovering as well wanting some of her own.  With that in mind, I am making her some bandanas to wear.  I may even make her one or two snoods to wear at home.  A favorite that she currently wears is an extra bandana of mine made from a heavy flannel.  In winter months, it is very good at keeping our heads warm.  It is so sweet to have a young daughter wanting to make the changes as well.  I hadn’t even spoken of it to her.  She brought up the subject to me even before I bought the new-to-me skirts.  I like that she is making this choice herself.  At her age, the changes made now may stick with her as she grows.  She already has such a heart for the topic of modesty.  Lord willing, she will continue to follow this path and prove the truths in the training up of a child in their youth so that when they are old, they will not depart from it.





5 Responses to “Returning to My Heart”

  1. Carolin Martens Says:

    I to am a lover of skirts and dresses. I often wear these in the summer but unfortunately resort back to jeans in the winter due to being so cold all the time. For mass I have talked to my girls about showing respect and we all dress up. All our clothes is second hand or free, They will come home and change to their regular clothes. I let them wear what they want within reason. I miss seeing women looking like women. I am teaching my girls to be proud of being feminine and wear what is comfortable for them and be modest at the same time.

  2. Diane Tibert Says:

    I wear what I want to wear, too, regardless of fashion. We are the same but different. I wore jeans all my life and can do everything in them. During my pregnancy years expanded, shrunk and changed shape so often that I found dresses to be more practical. But after ten years of dresses, I returned to my beloved jeans, standard cut, no holes, with bum pockets.

    Fashion comes and goes, and I find it odd when people try to keep up with every new trend. I, like you, put my children’s wardrobe before my own. I wear out until they’re threads then use the old material to patch up current clothes to extend their life. My clothes are bought at thrift stores too. Because of those folks keeping up with fashion, there is always plenty to choose from.

  3. Diane Tibert Says:

    Whoops, that was supposed to read: “My body expanded, shrunk and changed shape so often…”

  4. Scarlett Says:

    I also wear only dresses, I have thought of getting some pants for my next church retreat (at the church camp) because they often use the zip lines and such as part of the activities. I am afraid though if I did that I would go that direction and I don’t want to. The main reason I don’t want to is because I also quit wearing my head coverings because no one around here wears them and sometimes I felt self conscious. I still feel naked without my head covered quite often. Do you have a pattern you like for the snoods? I have never tried those.

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