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To Him That I Have Given a Little October 24, 2013

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Over the past 2 days, I have been thinking about the parable of the talents (Matthew 25: 14-30).  Ironically, our young daughter gave me a wonderful example of this parable.

In the parable, three men are given talents (coins) by their master.  Each one is expected to be wise with how they use the talents given to them.  One used his talents in a way that increased them. The second lost talents due to poor judgment. The third hid his talent away and the master later took it from him as a result of him not using the talent given to him.

This year, an apple in our yard finally bore enough fruit not only for us to enjoy but to share as well.  In the 12 years that my husband has lived here, it has never produced a harvest like this. It has been a blessing.

As I was preparing applies for canning, our 7 year old daughter asked me not to throw away all of the seeds.  When I asked why she wanted them, she replied that she wanted to plant the seeds. I explained how long it would takes to grow a tree from seed, but she was adamant about it. She tools me that the Lord blessed us with the apples and she didn’t want to waste the blessings.  She saved 12 seeds and we planted them in a container.  They now are in a kitchen window where we can keep close watch over them.

In our daughter’s eyes, those seeds are a way to provide supplies not just for our family. They can also provide for other families as well. She has taken a blessing that we received and is using it to increase the blessing in the future.

As a prepare to remodel the front room in our house, I look around and have to all myself why we still have so much.  We don’t have a lot by other people’s standards, but we do have more than we need.  I notice it each time I have to clean a room. I ask myself, why do we still have this stuff?  Sadly, we fall victim to what is comfortable.  Items that we have owned for a period of time and never used, we are certain we will suddenly need if it is gone.  So, we hang onto it.  In reality, if it hasn’t been needed within six months, then you probably don’t need it at all.

We are being poor stewards over the blessings we have been given if we allow this attitude to prevail.  We get overwhelmed as we keep hanging on to stuff. We no longer enjoy the blessings.  On the midst of thus, we don’t feel the Lord putting out a blessing onto us.  Why would He?  If we are not good stewards of what we already have, why would we be blessed with more? 

It takes rooms to train ourselves to purge the unnecessary things. As a society, we learn early the idea of “he with the most toys wins.”  Learning the difference between want and need are critical, but often not taught to children.  As adults, we have to learn this. Not only for ourselves but to be able to teach out to our children.  If we do not, is it any wonder that so many are growing up with a sense of entitlement? 

In the center of all this is the thought – is the Lord willing to bless those who show no gratitude for what He had already given them?

Something to ponder….


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