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We Have Apples…..Finally October 17, 2013

Filed under: home canning,homesteading — ourprairiehome @ 8:00 pm

The tree has been in the yard for about 12 years according to my husband, but due to pests and birds, we never had a harvest from it.  This year, we did something different.  We found an organic spray that we used in spring to prevent the pests.  We should have sprayed it more than the one time, but we didn’t think about it again after that first time.

We now have a tree overloaded with Winesap apples!  So many in fact that I am canning them for pie fillings – or pancake topping if my family gets to the jars first.

What a blessing it will be come winter to open up a jar of apples from our own tree!  Buying the tins of pie filling is just too pricey at the store.  They are also way too sweet depending on the brand.

Now, I just need to find a way to keep the family from snacking on the jars of apples too quickly!  LOL    Never though I would have THAT problem.



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