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Surprise! Life Changes September 3, 2013

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Life has a sense of humor. You can be going down your path then suddenly look around and realize that a change took place while you were unaware. That has happened to me.

I have been staying fairly busy. Tending to the home, family, homeschooling, therapies, they all require daily attention. So much so that I hadn’t noticed the changes going on until recently.

While taking stock of our pantry, specifically the paper goods area, I was brought sorry by the thought that I haven’t needed certain feminine products for a while. Checking my notes, I found that I haven’t needed then since March. I know that I am not pregnant, so it could only be that I have hit menopause. At age 50, it doesn’t surprise me.  What does surprise me is that I have not had any of the other symptoms that women speak of. No hot flashes or any of the other issues that are common, except for one…weight gain. It is as though someone flipped a switch and shut off that one area of my body’s function.

The weight gain bothers me.  I am blessed with a husband who years me like I am absolutely cherished by him. The weight gain doesn’t bother him. As long as my overall health is good, weight isn’t an issue to him.

For me, I am having trouble with it. I went through a 150 lb. weight loss years ago before he and I met. I look at myself now and cringe at the thought of gaining it all back. I am far from that weight, but the memories of that time are still there.

I have gotten away from eating a strictly vegetarian diet. Recently, my lactose intolerance has started bothering me again. So, I am going vegan. I an also cutting way back on carbs.

Now, instead of a sandwich on bread, I am making a lettuce wrap. I love it! I do still eat some carbs, such as tortillas, but am significantly limiting the frequency.

As soon as the weather has cooled enough, I will be starting to exercise more. Not using fans or an A/C unit to cool our home, I won’t exercise in the heat.

I hope to lose a reasonable amount of weight. No time frame to lose it in, just plan to lose it at a rate that will allow be to be healthy


One Response to “Surprise! Life Changes”

  1. solarblessed Says:

    Yep, I know how you feel. I’m going through the same things-except I’m insanely hot quite often.

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