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Holiday Planning August 30, 2013

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Stores are stocking school supplies in the isles next to Halloween, Thanksgiving, and Christmas decorations. Guess it is time to start thinking ahead to the holiday season. Time to think about what decorations, handmade gifts, and special foods you are wanting to make.

I am searching for inspiration on Pinterest.  One very easy craft that our kids can do is to make bookmarks from old calendar pages.


Our daughter will especially enjoy making these.  I will start posting more craft related items soon.


Remodel Begins August 22, 2013

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After years of planning, the first baby steps of the homestead remodeling project has commenced.  A good friend of our had an old gas stove in need of a home. Well, we have now added that stove to our kitchen.  Great timing as the oven had gone out on our own stove!  I love this stove. It was made in 1946 and is huge with 4 burners and a griddle in the center.  Something common in old stoves is that it has an oven and separate broiler.  I love it!

Previous owners of our home have changed the flooring in the kitchen several times.  Each change was made by adding the new onto the old.  We have found 2 layers of linoleum with a layer of particle board sandwich in between so far.  LOL  I will never understand why some people will do that.  It does make for interesting times though.  I like the bottom layer of linoleum that we uncovered.  Too bad it is very worn.  I love the old-fashioned pattern in it.

We are getting the copper propane lines replaced.  In its place, we are using the metal pipes instead.  The copper lines can be bent easily or damaged.  Using a heavier metal pipe will make it far more durable.  It also is half the cost of copper piping and easier to work with.

We are doing it smart with the propane line.  We know that we will be adding more to it at a later date, so are making sure that those additions will be easy to do.  One example being that we are looking into adding some propane lighting.  Places such as Lehman’s sells the old style lighting.  They work similar to the camping lights, but are much safer and wall mounted for indoor use.  They are very bright and provide excellent lighting. We will still have solar powered lighting as well, but the propane lights will be great when that extra illumination is needed.

By planning ahead, when the new propane lines go in, the fittings needed to add to the lines will be in place and ready to tap into.  So much easier than to have to change out some of the line later on.



New “to me” Technology August 19, 2013

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Well, after dragging my heels deep enough to plow furrows in the garden, I had to upgrade my cell phone. The one I had been using was over 5 years old and started having problems. So, my beloved husband had me buy an Android smartphone. I wasn’t sure how much I would enjoy it. I have a love/hate relationship with technology. I enjoy it but can become quite frazzled if it is not behaving.

I bought a phone for the Straight Talk prepay service. That phone lasted 10 days before the screen went out. Back to the store I went to exchange the phone. I got a different brand this time and so far it is behaving.

I now have the app so that I can blog from my phone. How cool is that? Hopefully this will make the blog updates more frequent.