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Equipment Maintenance June 13, 2013

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I don’t know why, but it seems as though mechanical repairs always seems to take place in batches. Case in point, our lawn tractor battery needed replaced. We went out and bought a new battery in the city 40 miles from home. Within 5 minutes after my darling husband had replaced the battery and began mowing, the cable that engages the blades snapped. So, another trip to the city, only to find out that they have to special order the part. An 80 mile round trip wasted. Had we known the cable was weak, we could have placed the order while getting the battery. We finally get the new cable and fix the tractor on my husband’s next weekend home. The tractor was running like a champ…..until…. the tractor stopped turning to the left. Luckily, once hubby was home from the road again, he was able to easily repair that issue without having to buy any parts. It was a matter of making an adjustment. During all this time, all 4 tractor tires went flat. We had bought a push-mower to use while waiting for the tractor’s cable to be ordered and shipped. After only a month of use, the new little mower’s automatic choke stopped working. The mower keeps stalling out.

I am beginning too think that it would be less stressful to park the equipment and just tether out a horse or large goat to eat the grass instead of using a mower. (Please note that I am being sarcastic here.) People often wonder why I prefer the low-tech ways of doing things. This equipment issue seems to be a good example. LOL

The equipment problems brings up a good point however. Do you keep a supply of the basic equipment maintenance supplies on hand? Do you have extra oil, grease, belts, cables, case of fix-a-flat, and other items to make simple repairs without having to make a special trip to the city? we have been lacking in this area, but I am planning on making a few purchases as finances allow to have some extras available.


3 Responses to “Equipment Maintenance”

  1. Suzanne Says:

    Was your husband able to find a job closer to home? I know you had been working towards that for awhile. It is hard when your significant other is away and items of use fall apart…….you feel so hopeless. Those trips are always “spendy”. Maybe ordering online at other parts places is an option……’s a crazy life if you don’t weaken……….

  2. Sounds like our year last year. We only got our yard mowed twice. We replaced the cable, belts, pulleys, motor, and then our deck started to loose its welds. We ended up parking ours and in the fall we traded our truck for a zero turn and sold our little car for another truck and and a sports car for my son and I. We ended out coming out ahead but it took some time, and patience.
    I hope everything turns out as well for you. I understand the 45 mile drive to get parts, it’s the same here. Hubby also works 30+ miles from home when he is in the country, so I really sympathize with you!

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