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Oklahoma Tornados May 21, 2013

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I wanted to take a quick moment ask those who pray to please keep the families affected by the tornados in their prayers. We were lucky in that the closest a tornado came to our homestead was about 10 miles directly north of us. So many other families were not as lucky. Many have been injured, lost their homes, and some even their loved ones.

Seeing the destruction brought on by the tornados, through the news services, has been heart-wrenching to say the least. The school in Moore, Oklahoma, being hit was especially disturbing.

Images such as these lay it on our hearts to hug our own children just a little more.


Spring Clean-up May 19, 2013

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Well, it has been that time of year again. Now that the weather has settled down, we have been busy with spring clean-up. Our poor yards needed a major cleaning after all the rains. Unfortunately, the lawn tractor decided to break down at the wrong time. LOL So, part is now ordered but we had to purchase a push mower to get us through until then. Turns out good though in that we now have a full set-up of lawn care equipment.

Besides the yard clean-up, I have become very brutal with the spring cleaning. About 50% of the contents of our master bedroom as now been donated or put out for the trash pick-up. It is amazing how much deeper you will purge your stuff when a remodel is in the works.

I bagged up a LOT of fabric that will be donated to some ladies who do charity quilts. I loved the fabric, but the antique treadle machine just wasn’t designed to easily sew synthetic fabrics. They are too slippery for the machine to manage.

I have taken a new outlook on clothing. A 2-week supply is sufficient. More than that is excess for us. About 4 dressy outfits for church or special outings and the 2-weeks worth of clothes for everyday seems to be plenty. It makes no sense to have dressers and closets overflowing. So, bags of clothing were donated last week also.

This week, the weather is beautiful and I am going to be able to start doing laundry outdoors again. I love it! Getting to wash and hang the laundry while enjoying the sunshine and breeze is a blessing. the children play on their swingset or in their little kiddie-pool as I tend the laundry. It makes for a fun time.

The other project I took on is to get the children’s homeschool area reorganized. I am making them far more efficient for both of them. In turn, that will also make it easier on me as well.

The sun is shining and the day is calling to me to come and enjoy the outdoors. Time to go embrace it with the rest of the family.