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Emergency Ready? April 18, 2013

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Here in our region, the spring tornado season has arrived. It is an annual occurance that we take into stride. I am always surprised by the number of people however who never consider preparing for emergencies until it is upon them and too late. Whether it is a winter storm, tornado, or other situation, the best time to prepare is before the emergency happens.

How often have you had the power go out during a storm only to find that you don’t have extra flashlight batteries? Do you have a sufficient water supply? What about a basic first aid kit?

Many years ago, I was a member of a church that promoted emergency preparedness to it’s members. We were encouraged to stock our pantries, garden, learn first aid, have a well-stocked 1st aid kit, and other items that would be helpful during a natural disaster or other event. I grew up with that attitude even before my years in that church. It was a way of life. In my lifetime, I have seen those food stores in the pantry sustain our family during finacially hard times. Living so far from a good hospital, the first aid training and supplies are a blessing. It isn’t wasted expense or knowledge.

When I lived in Montana years ago, I saw first hand the value of having a grab-n-go bag. I often carried a small duffle bag in the back of my Geo Tracker that contained a change of clothes, granola bars, dried fruit, first aid kit, flashlight & batteries, emergency blanket, and bottled water. I have to admit that since moving to here, I have been a bit lacking in carrying a car emergency bag. I have emergency supplies at home, but what good are they if we are away from home when the emergency happens? I had grown complacent in the fact that I am a home-body at heart. I love being home more than going out. Now that the kids are getting older, I have been taking them out a lot more. Trips to the zoo and other outings take us a minimum of 45 miles from home. Trips to the zoo are about 85 miles from home. What if something takes place while we are that far from home or somewhere in between?

So, I am now putting together a basic bug-out style bag. Here are some of the items that I am including.

a change of clothing for each person
emergency blankets for each of us
dried fruits, veggie chips, and granola bars
bottled water
first aid kit
flash lights & batteries
glow sticks for the kids
a new package of disposible training pants for our son

An extra item that I am planning to order are dog tag ID necklaces for each of us with emergency contact info in case of an accident. My darling husband gave me this idea. He wears a dog tag style ID in case he gets into an accident while on the truck. It has my contact information so that emergency personnel can reach me if he were unable to do so. Our son already has one that identifies him as being autistic & non-verbal with my contact information on it in case he should wander off. It is a common thing with autistic kids to do, so we take that precaution even though I always keep close watch on him. Having an ID for our daughter and myself would be a good idea also. I am considering having 2 tags for the kids, one with my information and the other with their Daddy’s phone number. This way, the information for both parents is available. The ID dog tags unfortunately do not have room for both my husband’s and my information to be on 1 dog tag. The cost for the tags are really low if I order online. The peace of mind will be great if our kids are with a relative or at a church youth activity that has them away from us.

What do you carry in your emergency kit in your family vehicle?


One Response to “Emergency Ready?”

  1. We always have a diaper bag with us which has diapers, creams, wipes, extra changes of clothes for the two littlest, etc. In the front of the van I have a couple bottles of water, hand wipes, hand cream, a headlamp, a flashlight, and a small grab bag (which contains, a small med kit, multi-tool, flashlight, knife, bandana, paracord, etc.) I also have a tupperware locker in the back that has water, a pair of hiking boots for me, a more extensive medical kit, several tarps, multiple wool blankets, some granola bars, plastic bags, and some other stuff I am sure that I am forgetting. I also have a car jumper battery pack that has a compressor on it, and a full toolbox. Not to mention some umbrellas. I tend to overprepare.

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