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Burst Water Line February 4, 2013

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Spent a wonderful 4 days with a dear friend’s family this past week. They live about a 2 hour drive from our home. I left the water trickling from the faucets in case of very cold night temperatures. Well, evidently the water wasn’t trickling enough. One line had a crack in the shut-off valve fitting. Luckily, the water didn’t cause a tremendous amount of damage before I got home on Friday late afternoon. I got the water shut off at the meter so that we could fix the problem. I was so grateful that my darling husband was going to be home the following morning. What started out as a simple repair didn’t quite go that way, but the problem was dealt with over the weekend.

This experience brought to mind once more just how blessed we are to be living as we do. Though the water was shut off for a couple of days, we had a water supply that was more than we needed. We didn’t have to worry about not having a toilet or a method to wash up at day’s end. We were prepared. It really gives us a sense of peace to know that when life gives us these little surprises, we are able to handle them without any worry.

I learned from this experience also. From now on I will be shutting off the water at the meter if freezing temperatures are predicted or if I am going to be away from home for a few days. This will prevent any possibility of a water line breaking again. I am going to increase the size of our water storage. We had more than ample amounts for this experience, but I can see where more would be beneficial if we were without water for an extended time due to a natural disaster. Being on a rural water service, there are times when they are doing maintenance on the system and we are without water for the day. Most times, this happens without any notice. Having extra water available would help in those situations also.

It just happened that on my way home from my friend’s home, I had stopped and picked up bags of ice weighing approximately 20 lbs. each. One was put into a large orange color water cooler, similar to that used on job sites, which we use to keep ice cold water on hand during warm months. The other bag was put into another food cooler to be used in drinks. If you have ice available, it can be melted to use as water for drinking or cooking if needed.

We have been considering for a long time to rework the house’s plumbing. Seeing the jumble of pipes under our home makes any work a nightmare. Some lines are old gas lines that have not been used in many years. Certainly not since my husband bought the house 12 years ago. There are pipes that seem to go nowhere. Basically, someone reworked the plumbing without removing old pipes that were no longer needed. What a mess!

It seems as though each time we figure out what part of the house we will work on next, something occurs that changes those plans. Such is life in an old home! You can’t get frustrated, just roll with it where it takes you. Adapt and allow life to teach you whatever lessons there are to be learned along the way. Even if the lesson is in how to deal with these “learning opportunities” without developing a new vocabulary along the way. LOL


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