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Setting the Example of Education October 15, 2012

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Being a homeschooling Momma, I am in te throes of education on a daily basis. Whether itbe oranized lessons that the children’s curriculum has laid out or the simple, quiet teaching moments that arise throughout the day, the children are being taught. I started thinking about hw parents should always strive to set the example for their children. If we, as parents, truly see education as being something valued and worth pursuit, whatare we doing to actively show this to our chlidren?

I am a bit on the strange side. I have always been the most content when I am actively studying or researching something. At those times, I am in my element. If I go too long without reading or researching a topic, then I begin to fee out of sorts. My focus in daily tasks becomes diminished and I just struggle to cope. It gets so bad at times that I can honestly say that I understand my autistic son more becaue of it. I was never very social in school. I tolerated having to deal with others so that I could focus on the classes. For fun, one summer I had bought a used Calculus and a book on trigonometry. I studied both over the next several months. I related to books and research far better than people. I find that I am still this way. Now though, it serves a deeper purpose.

As I am teaching the children, they are also seeing that I am suying too. Today, for example, our daughter was working at her desk. I sat along side of her at another desk and was making notes from a book that I am reading. She saw that I was “doing school” and became much more interested in her own studies. She liked having me study right along side of her.

Currently, I am working my way through a college textbook on writing as well as an online course. Since I am writing a book, I find it valuable to take the classes to better hone my skills. My husband is also taking online courses through a college. He is doing so while out on the truck. When parked in an area that has WiFi access, he is able to go to the college website and watch the lectures.

You don’t have to be taking college courses. What about simply reading a good book on a topic of interest? Take a class at an art supply store or a cooking class. Many sewing centers have classes available to earn how to do basic sewing. What about learning how to repair any small appliances or a sewing machine? This helpful skill would be a great way to save money later on when you avoid repair bills through making the repairs yourself.

The key is to let your chlidren see you reading and studying. Show them through example that you find education to be a very valuable resource. You may surprise yourself and find that the kids will develop a love of learning also.


2 Responses to “Setting the Example of Education”

  1. Patti Erwin Says:

    Excellent advice. I home schooled for over 25 years and we were always reading or studying something. BTW, I always thought I would like to learn sewing machine repair but my mechanical aptitude fails me 🙂

    • Having a treadle sewing machine, I am having to learn sewing machine repair and maintenance due to necessity. Unfortunately, it is a trial by error issue, but I am getting there. I find that whatever our weak areas are, if we need the knowledge badly enough, the learning will happen.

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