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A Life of Order September 27, 2012

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I am quick to admit that this is one topic that I have wanted to blog about for some time. When you think of living a life of order, what comes to mind?

For some, having a routine is what gives order to their lives. It is a part of it for me also. Having a schedule to work from helps to insure that all the necessary tasks are completed efficiently. It gives us a guiding compass to keep us on track throughout our day.

Another form of living a life of order may be in the way we maintain our home. I am not speaking of the level of cleanliness but of the amount of surplus within the home. In our home, I am looking at everything and gauging whether to keep, donate, or toss the items according to how functional it is. Is it something that is truly needed? How often is the item used in a month’s time? In the case of things like my kitchen utensils & hand-crank gadgets, do a have a single item that performs multiple functions which eliminates the need for several single-function items?

Currently, I am preparing the first room to be remodeled. I am packing away books and photos that are hanging on the walls. As go through the books, I am being very critical in what will be kept and what will be donated. At the same time, I am packing up a portion of the kitchen. There are items in the kitchen that haven’t been needed for a year or longer. Those are being set aside for donation. I am weeding the kitchen utensils and gadgets down to those I use on a regular basis only. The only exception may be the collection of metal cookie cutters that I have.

Bit by bit, I am getting the last bit of remaining excess out of the house. I have been so proud of our daughter. They had a horrendous amount of toys… enough to fill several toy chests. Most were given to them over the years by relatives who love going to yard sales. From that entire mass of toys, we picked out the ones that our son enjoys and put them into a plastic tote that fits under his bed. Our daughter did the same. All of the other toys were sorted t either be donated or throw away. Tonight, our daughter told me how happy she is to only have the toys she liked best. Now it doesn’t take nearly as long for the bedroom to be cleaned after they have been playing. She also takes far better care of what she has chosen to keep.

I have 2 large boxes of quilting fabric and craft supplies that were given to me. The quilting fabric is mainly baby print, which I don’t use as much now. I am going to save back a shoebox sized container of those fabrics. That will give me enough to make a couple of baby quilt tops. The rest will be given to a fellow quilter. The crafting supplies are a type that I have never used before, so will pass those along also. I want to only keep the barest minimum of crafting supplies on hand.

My mind keeps going back to Katie & Levi’s home. Being Old Order Amish, their home was very minimally furnished. Each item had a specific purpose. There was no clutter in their home at all. It was, in my mind, the epitome of a home in order. I want that for our home. Once it is fully remodeled, I do not want clutter in sight.

I am finding way too often that if the house has clutter, I do not function well. I need the peace that the minimalist approach brings.


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