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New Bible Study Idea September 26, 2012

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Recently, on a homeschooling board, one of the ladies shared this idea and I loved it. I am now doing this as a part of my own Bible study.

I chose a book of the Bible that I wanted to study in depth. I chose the book of Colossians since that is the book I was already preparing to study.

I have a notebook and am writing the scripture in the notebook. It is basically copywork, writing it exactly as it is written in the Bible. After writing, I pray about what the scriptures are saying to me. I journal my thoughts about that scripture and what it is saying to me at that time.

This simple activity is bringing a deeper level of understanding to me. It makes them more of a focus throughout my day. By writing the words instead of simply reading them, they are more firmly being written upon my heart.

This method is a blessing to my scripture study. I hope that the idea will bless others also.


2 Responses to “New Bible Study Idea”

  1. Love that idea, thanks for sharing it!

  2. Sharon Duffey Says:

    What a great idea. So many times I have read something & it just doesent stick. I know that writing will stay with me longer. Thanks so much for a wonderful blog.

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