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Remodel is Beginning September 17, 2012

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We staged the front room of the homestead for remodeling over the weekend. All that is left is to empty the bookcases and wash the walls down. We heat with wood, so the walls need the residues washed off. Most of the walls are fine, but it is always best to completely wash them all down to be sure that no residues are on them prior to priming & painting.

We took the measurements and figured up the square footage for buying the primer & paint as well as for the new ceiling & flooring. The homestead has the traditional 9 foot high ceilings. We are lowering the ceilings throughout the home to 8 foot. This will help a great deal in heating the home.

Once done, the front room will be our schoolroom/study. We already use it as such. It is important to us for the children to have a separate area designated to their studies. It also will save having to constantly have to clear the dining table every meal.

We set up a futon in the room and love it. It makes a nice spot to snuggle up with the kids for reading stories, especially at bedtime. I covered the futon with a beautiful quilt made in autumn colors. So fitting for the season. All I need to add now will be accent pillows on the ends of the futon.

Joe rearranged the children’s desks for me. They are now side by side. We are hoping that the new arrangement will help encourage our son to not have ambivalence towards using his desk. I am keeping my eye out for a small little wooden table or desk that I can place in the room for my own use. My large antique desk is far too big for the space. That desk is going to be used elsewhere in the home for Joe.

Our precious son had great difficulty dealing with the change in the room’s arrangement. Adding the futon really threw him for a loop. I am so glad that we will be working on the home slowly so that he has time to adjust to each change. That is one of the harder parts of autism. The change can feel terrifying to the child. Our son cried and was afraid to come into the room. He tried to get us to come out of it. Finally, by evening, I had him cuddled up on the futon with our daughter and I as I read them a bedtime story.

We are putting the propane heating back into the home. Years ago, prior to Joe buying the home, the home had propane heat. Along the way, previous owners removed the heaters and opted for wood stoves. While we still have the wood stove in the kitchen, which I heat with and cook on in the winter, we are putting propane heat back into the home simply for efficiency. They will make a nice backup system for overnight. I won’t have to be restocking a wood stove throughout the night.

I am excited. I have been through plenty of remodels in the past and know the work ahead of us. I see the end of the tunnel though. We have the paint swatches already and have picked out most of the items that we will be adding to the home. The most modern will be the kitchen and bath. The other rooms will be simply done with an eye for function. Overall, the homestead will be full of colors chosen with specific purposes. Calm color schemes in the study and bedrooms, bolder color in the kitchen/dining room. The bath will be given a look of bringing the outdoors inside.

I can’t wait to see the finished homestead!


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