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Christmas, Already??? September 14, 2012

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Leave it to a kid. Today, we had a nice cool rainy day. Perfect for baking cookies. So, we got out the baking supplies and made up a batch of the Amish Sugar Cookies. These are a type that bake up all puffy and soft. Just right for a little girl who has a wiggly front tooth! As we were making the cookies, she sat there munching on one with her cup of tea. After a moment, she said, “Momma, it is getting cooler now. When can we start making Christmas cookies?” sigh

Last weekend, my darling husband was humming Christmas carols. Now, our daughter is wanting to start making Christmas cookies. Are they in a hurry or something? LOL I looked at the calendar and decided that maybe it is time to start planning the baking. I prefer to have all ingredients in the pantry well stocked before the baking commences. Nothing gets me riled more than having to make a quick trip to the over-priced little grocery store 10 miles from home to get a much needed ingredient at the last minute. Unfortunately, that store is the closest to home.

So, with that in mind, I am going through my recipes and making a list of things needed for Thanksgiving and Christmas dinners. All the recipes for the meals as well as the baked goods. From those, a master list of ingredients will be written up. I look at the amount of flour I will be using to do all this baking and realize it may be a good thing that I have that Sam’s Club card. They are the cheapest on the large bags of flour & sugar. I buy yeast there also. The yeast comes in a twin pack of (2) 1 pound packages of the dry active yeast. For our family, that is a 1 year supply of yeast. Thankfully, it only costs about $4.00 for the twin pack, a savings of $198.00 when compared to the same volume of yeast if I bought the little jars or packets at the grocery store as most people do. That one item’s savings is far more than the cost of our membership. But I digress.

As I go through the recipes, I am finding the old favorites as well as a couple of new ones that I would like to try. I have a family filled with “cookie monsters” who raid the cookies as fast as I can get them out of the oven. I keep forgetting each year to buy plastic containers to store the cookies and other baked goods in. Planning ahead now will give me the chance to get the containers and have them ready. I especially want to have a couple for Joe to take on the truck with him so that he can have baked goodies while he is gone.

Is anyone else beginning their holiday baking plans?


4 Responses to “Christmas, Already???”

  1. Jessica Says:

    I was just thinking the other day about making a list of what I want to bake this year. I, too, want to get all the supplies ahead of time. The past few years I would always start out with a huge list and by the time it rolled around to actually get to business I have whittled my list down to our favorites. When we lived close to family I would make cookie trays for my parents and grandparents and our places of work. Now it seems I do not have many I would bake for so my list should be easy to accomplish.

  2. I always prefer having everything planned out ahead of time. This way, I can take advantage of sales between now and the holidays. For example, I am currently watching the prices of pumpkins. Right about Halloween, the prices get very low around here. That is when I buy a few to cut up for canning. It only takes 3-4 large pumpkins to give me nearly a year’s supply of pumpkin. I buy the type that are commonly used as jack-o-lanterns. They are just as good as the smaller pie pumpkins, but are not as sweet tasting. Otherwise, we don’t notice a difference other than the cost when compared to the pie pumpkins.

  3. Scarlett Says:

    I am so not a baker! I don’t mind baking our bread, but I just don’t enjoy doing things like cookies. So often, our “sweets” is something like banana bread or homemade cinnamon rolls. However this time of year I do look to stock up. I have been thinking about Sams for the things like flour (I used to get my rice and beans there back when I lived in a real city). We are trying to figure out if it would be worth it for us where it is 60 miles or so away. How far away is yours and how often do you go?

    • We live about 80 miles from the one I go to in Oklahoma City. I am at OKC a couple of times a month to get supplies and buy homeschool curriculum type things, though that is slowing down. For us, the savings is worth the membership price. I only stop there however if I already have other reasons to go to the city. I make a day of it and do as much as possible in one trip. Unfortunately for us, we have to travel that far to find thrift stores also. The ones closer to us are very small and rarely have what we are looking for. One thing you may consider also is to go online and place your order with Sam’s the day before you plan to go. They pull the order for you and have it ready when you get there. They didn’t charge for that service the last time I used it. Made it worth while for me.

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