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Water Park Fun August 31, 2012

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Had a fun day out yesterday with the kids. Picked up my eldest daughter & the grandsons to take with us to the park. We chose one close to their home that has a huge play ground for the kids to climb around on. After a time, we went to another area of that park to their water park. It is a fenced area that has fountains, sprinklers, and those fun buckets on a pole. The kids all loved it. The day was very warm and the water felt wonderful. One of the funniest times was when the older kids got caught under the buckets. The buckets are on tall poles. Water fills the buckets and they tip over, spilling the water onto whoever happens to be under them at that time. The water system is on a timer. After the set amount of time, the water shuts off and the kids have to restart it by placing their hand over a sensor.

Pookie was uncertain of the spraying water at first. It was something completely new to him, so that was to be expected. While the older kids were playing in one part of the area, I took Pookie to a more quiet one. A water sprinkler there was trickling water out softly and he timidly stuck his hand under the water. Not long after that, he was laughing as he continued to play in the water.

Sunday, we are going to take the kids again. It will be fun to take Daddy and also their Aunt Edie along with us. Little Miss has already decided that she wants Daddy to put a small water park in the yard for them. LOL Guess that will be a tall order. I hope that a hose and sprinkler will be sufficient.


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