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Joy to a Momma’s Heart August 27, 2012

Filed under: cooking,homeschool,old fashioned,simplicity — ourprairiehome @ 5:54 am

We have taken 3 weeks off from homeschooling to both have a break and to give me time to prepare for the next term.  The kids had their vacation at Aunt Edie’s home while I went out on the truck with Joe.  Now we are preparing to get back to doing lessons Labor Day.

While working on the next term’s thematic units, our daughter has been asking when we will get started.  She is ready to do the lessons.  She also has asked for the afternoon tea to resume. Over the summer it was too hot for enjoying hot tea and baking the sweets to go with it.

Now, autumn is nearing and the temperatures are beginning to become cooler.  Today, I am going to surprise her with our first afternoon tea of the season.  She will be helping me to do some baking.  She will be excited when we get out the tea kettle.  I love having tea with her.  She is such fun to be with.  I know how fast these years will pass by, so I am enjoying it. 


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