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Reallocating the Family Technology August 24, 2012

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It is funny how technology needs changes within a family. My dear husband loves technology and gadgets. How he ended up with a wife who can do without most gadgets is still a mystery. Nearly a year ago. I finally relented and got an android phone. Oh boy. For the first month I had it, I was threatening to toss it down the loo. Then, I began feeling more comfortable with it and gave it a chance.

We live in a very rural area where cell phone service is extremely limited. You not only have to stick with certain companies, but you also have to memorize where on the property or in the house you get the best signal. I ended up having 2 cell phones. The android with one prepay company and my old reliable prepay phone from another company. The android phone worked great for Internet and texting purposes, but constantly dropped calls if I tried to talk to my husband or anyone else. Didn’t matter if I was in a “signal hot spot” on the homestead or not. It was irritating at the very least. So, I kept the old phone to use as my “talking” phone and the android for the texting and Internet. It was a pain, but you do what you have too.

This week, my darling husband made a suggestion. We are going to go back to having a phone line hooked up in the house. This will give me reliable phone service at home. The old cell phone (which has the best plan for our purposes) will stay activated so that I can make long distance calls and have a phone when away from home. The android phone is now going to serve as my digital camera since it takes better pictures than my older phone. To give me Internet access, Joe is going to leave his prepay WiFi unit at the house. It doesn’t get a strong signal, but it gets enough to serve my needs. Joe finds free WiFi quite often when out on the truck. Some towns have it available, as well as some rest areas and small truck stops. It will be interesting to see if he can go without having the WiFi on the truck.

We are hoping that this works out. It will save me an extra trip to town to use the library’s free WiFi service. The closest WiFi hot spot is 10 miles from home. It will be nice to not have to go that far to take care of Internet needs. Being that we are homeschooling, we see the necessity for Internet at the house. I have used the WiFi device here at the homestead whenever Joe is home and it works good for what I need it for. It will especially be nice once the weather gets cold later on in the winter.


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