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Homemade “Instant” Oatmeal August 3, 2012

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I know it seems early to even think about hot cereals, but I wanted to share another family favorite. This doesn’t require any real recipe to make, but is a fun project with the kids.

We start out with a carton of the old fashioned rolled oats. We have found that the “quick” oats takes slightly less water & time to prepare, but is not as hearty. On the table, I lay out a variety of dried fruits, finely chopped nuts, cinnamon, and brown sugar. We measure 3/4 cup of the rolled oats into sandwich baggies. To this, each person begins adding their favorite additions. Some like a spoon of brown sugar with a sprinkle of cinnamon and a few raisins. Another may want the pecans also. We customize the oatmeal baggies to each person’s tastes. Each person has a container to store their oatmeal in. Come morning, the tea kettle of water is on the stove. We treat this oatmeal exactly as though it were the store bought instant oats. The only difference is that it takes slightly more water.

My husband loves to take these on the truck. I fill a gallon sized container with the baggies of oatmeal. He is able to heat water in his lunchbox cooker, then add the oatmeal to it. Another option he has is to pour the oatmeal into a wide-mouth thermos like those used for soups & stews. Add the hot water and stir. He places the lid on the thermos and has oatmeal ready to eat when he gets to his next stop.

This got me to thinking about kids in college dorms. If they have access to hot water, then they can save a lot of money making these oatmeal pouches themselves. Unlike the store bought version, these won’t be made up mainly of oat powder (have you looked inside those packets?) and will be far more filling on a cold morning.



One Response to “Homemade “Instant” Oatmeal”

  1. Debbie Olson Says:

    I do sort of the same thing but make it in a half gallon jar for home and a large lock and lock contaner for hubs to take to work. I also add powdered milk to the mix and a little salt. We do the tea kettle thing as well. At work I think hubs has to warm water in the microwave for his. Aparently other fellas enjoy his oatmeal now and again because he returns an empty container far more often at this new job. I dont mind because we buy our oats in 25lb. bags, two or three at a time so we have pleanty to share.
    I sent a facebook friend from a canning group oyour link because she too canns for her husband who is a truck driver. I thought she might find a few hints here.
    Take care,

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