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Cherry Tomatoes in a Hanging Planter April 26, 2012

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We love the small cherry or grape tomatoes.  In summer, they are used often for snacking as well as in salads.  There are the “upside down” planters made for tomatoes that you can find in the stores, but here is the low cost way that I do it.

  Materials Needed:

hanging planter with natural mesh lining

pony pack of 6 cherry tomato plants

potting mix



To make the planter, I first made a inch long tear in the bottom of the planter and 5 more spaced evenly around the sides.  Gently push the root ball of the little plants through each hole from the outside towards the inside of the planter “bowl.”    I pulled the roots and stems through until the first set of leaves was touching the outside of the planter.  This will result in all that stem becoming part of the plant’s root system.

After arranging all 6 plants through the holes, I filled the planter bowl with potting mix.  Give the plants a good watering and hang in a sunny location on your porch.  I placed ours under the eaves on the south side of our porch which gets a lot of light in the summer.

Hanging the cherry tomatoes in a planter like this is very easy and far less expensive than using the store bought versions.  The wire frame of the planter can be reused each year, with only the liner being replaced as necessary.

Trying this method can give even the urban dwellers an option on how to grow fresh tomatoes even in an apartment building as long as you have a sunny porch or balcony.



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