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Garden Idea April 5, 2012

Filed under: gardening,green living,homesteading — ourprairiehome @ 5:59 pm

I am developing a real enjoyment for YouTube.  I found that there is much to learn from that website.  A while back, a friend on Facebook sent me a link to a very unique raised bed garden made from old pallets.

The raised bed garden is entirely made from old pallets that you can often find for free at lumber yards or other locations.  The garden is waist high, yet thedepth of the planting box is adjustable to the depth you need.  Setting them up in a row as they do in the video can make a nice fence line.

I am considering setting up a raised bed garden like that in my back yard where the in ground garden used to be.  It will get full sun and should do well there.  I will start with only a few beds to see how they do.  If all goes well, I will add more each year until I have as many beds as I need for both my vegetables and herbs.


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