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Canning BBQ Beef March 16, 2012

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Had a brain storm that turned out to be a great idea. My dear husband drives truck and is gone from home quite a bit. I have been home canning foods for him in pint or half-pint jars, depending on what the food is. While at the grocery store, I bought a couple of pounds of very thin sliced roast beef from the deli. I am mixing this with BBQ sauce and then jarring it up for him. It is SO good! In a pint jar, he has enough to make a couple of very meaty sandwiches. A half-pint jar is enough for a topping over potatoes or rice.

I am now thinking of other deli meats and how I might be able to do the same with sliced turkey. Sliced ham would be good with a glaze-type sauce. Roasting up some boneless chicken breasts to shred up and can in BBQ sauce is another good option for the sandwiches. I am considering trying to do up some sweet & sour chicken or beef for him to have over rice also.

The ideas are flowing. Now to go through my recipes and see what can be jarred up and used for his meals away from home.


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