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Off-grid Life and Routines January 8, 2012

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Holiday season has passed, thankfully. It isn’t that I don’t like the holidays. I just am just happy to get back to a more normal routine. I was looking through an older notebook of mine and came across my old weekly routine. It was one that I had used about 2 years ago. As I read through it, I realized just how far from that routine my days had become.

When I think back to why I had set up that routine, I really feel disappointed in myself for drawing away from it. I know how and why it happened. That was about the time that our youngest child was diagnosed with classic autism and we were starting therapies. The appointments began to dictate my schedule each day. As time went by, the routine had thoroughly changed to a more hectic one.

Today, our lives are more settled again. We are now a homeschooling family. Seems strange to see those two sentences together, but it describes it well. With the morning homeschooling routine, the days are flowing better. I am now looking at that old routine and ready to use it again.

I have found through the past year that the routine is essential. When you live the old fashioned lifestyle, the idea of having your heavier chores assigned to specific days of the week makes your work easier to manage. One example is laundry. If I had a machine, it would be easy to toss in a load throughout a day to get it all done at once. I don’t use machines to do my laundry. I do it the old fashioned way of washtubs, a scrub board, and clothesline. If I don’t wash laundry on a set schedule to stay ahead of it, I would have a rough time of it if weather got bad or I was sick and unable to do laundry for a few days.

As I look over that old schedule, I am seeing where I need to make very minor adjustments to it. The main change is homeschooling. I am learning though that I can easily adapt for that by changing the time I wake up and go to bed. Rising an hour earlier gives me time to set laundry to soak as I make breakfast for the children and get their morning started. As I wash the laundry in the wash tubs in my kitchen, I am available to help answer any questions about the schoolwork. When I hang the laundry on the clothesline, they are outside with me taking a break from their studies. The work that I have to complete is still able to get finished. I just have to dovetail the tasks together in a way that is efficient.


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