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Vegan Diet December 1, 2011

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After 2 days of being very sick to my stomach, in pain, and sleeping a lot I have to admit that I shouldn’t have strayed from my vegan diet. It is difficult. I have my eldest child and her family living with us until they get their job transfer. They love meat and eat it nearly daily. I think they were surprised at just how sick I became. It is hard begin vegan in a household of carnivores. You don’t realize just how much stuff has meat in it until you are in this situation. Problem is, my body doesn’t process animal proteins properly and they cause me to have stomach problems and chronic pain if I eat it too much. Basically, eating the meat products brought the animal proteins level up to a toxic level in my body. After 2 days, I am only just now able to start eating/nibbling on a muffin and drink a cup of herb tea. It will be another day or two before I am able to eat normally.

So, what do I do now? First on the list is a trip to the health food store for some tofu, quinoa, flax seed, and tea. A trip to the produce isle to get various vegetables to make a vegetable broth to home can also is on the list. The tofu and quinoa are excellent sources of vegetable proteins. Water added to flax seed will become a gel that is an egg substitute. I already have a good supply of TVP, assorted grains, and vegetables. Next is the gathering up of some recipes that everyone may be willing to eat. UGH! Just say the word vegan around some people and they automatically will turn down food offered to them. Oh well. The kitchen is definitely going to be a 2-household kitchen. I will cook for myself and my 2 youngest kids. They will end up cooking their own meals so they can eat all the meat they want.

One of my youngest daughter’s favorite foods is Tofu Nuggets. Basically, it is the extra firm tofu cut into bite sized chunks. Dip in the gelled flax seed (instead of using egg) and then coated in seasoned bread crumbs. She prefers these to chicken nuggets! Just dip in whatever sauce you have on hand. A favorite meal is the nuggets with oven baked sweet potato wedges. Even Mr Picky, our autistic 3 yr old, eats these without a fuss. A major achievement, that is. He is very sensory sensitive and refuses to eat many foods.

I am going to look into raw diet options. I want foods that we can make ahead and take along with us when out running errands. There are very few places to eat that have vegan or vegetarian foods. One of the “joys” of living in a rural area of a ranching state. The only places to find vegan foods are at the health food stores that offer a hot deli in the large cities.

Guess it is time to find a vegan cookbook that is designed for kids. Need some fun recipes that they will be willing to eat.