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My Treadle Sewing Machine December 16, 2011

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Yeah! Today I got my treadle sewing machine set up in my bedroom. Now, I just need to oil it well and it should be ready for sewing. I am so excited about this. I have missed not being able to sew as often as I like. It is a little thing, but so enjoyable.

My dear husband bought the sewing machine for me a couple of years ago. The previous owner had allowed it to rust in a shed in their yard for 10 years. Took 2 bottles of oil to get it working again, along with a new belt, needles, and restoring the wooden cabinet. Several months after bringing it home, I had the treadle machine ready to use. A couple of months later, I had the thread tension knob set correctly. LOL

Now, it quietly sits in my bedroom awaiting use. I had been keeping it in the living room so that I could use it during the day when the little ones are awake. I realized later that was not a good idea. Little hands kept finding my tension nut and playing with it. With it in the bedroom, there is a better chance that little hands will not help in adjusting the tension anymore. I have to oil it again and check the tension, but I will soon be able to sew at night or when the little ones are napping.

I have so much sewing to be done. With 2 young ones in the home, there is always some clothing needing to be sewn. I finally have the sewing patterns for our daughter. Now, I just need to buy the patterns for our son.


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