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My “Little House” Daughter December 14, 2011

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I am not one for buying fancy or expensive things for the holiday gifts. It makes no sense to me. I can think of so many ways that the money can go towards pantry building or other family needs instead of a toy or other gift that will be a temporary source of entertainment. We prefer giving gifts that are useful or family oriented. This year, our young daughter asked for only 1 special gift. She asked me to make her a doll. So, I am looking through my fabrics and choosing the materials I will use to make it for her. I have an old McCalls doll pattern and a pattern pack of dresses for the doll. I have been waiting to make this one. I knew that she would want one eventually. She is nearly 6 years old and love the Little House books. I found a pattern for a dress & pinafore similar to that worn by the little girls on the Little House television show. That will be a surprise for her. She has asked for a dress like Laura wore in the books. The doll dress pattern pack has a similar dress/pinafore set also. I am going to be able to make a matching dress and pinafore for our daughter and her doll.

We are doing Little House themed unit studies based on the books. I found them at Homeschoolshare. Instead of making lapbooks, I have used a comb binding machine to bind a book of nearly 35 pages. Each page is a different activity based upon a passage we have read in the book that day. We started with the “Little House in the Big Woods” story and will take the series of books in the order.


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