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Winter Musings December 6, 2011

Filed under: simplicity — ourprairiehome @ 3:36 am

The night winds are crisp tonight. Inside, the fire in the cookstove is crackling. On the back of the wood stove sits a large kettle that is kept filled with water. It is wonderful having that steady supply of hot water. The kettle also replaces the moisture in the air that the wood stove can remove.

Sitting near the stove, I can often be found doing email or some form of needlework. I am learning to knit and I find myself enjoying sitting near the stove to do this. There is a peace in my spirit as I sit and knit. It renews me and relaxes me before going to bed each night. I cannot imagine a better way to spend my evening after the little ones are in bed.

I have been slowly getting the holiday gifts finished. In a house full of family, it is hard to find the time to do it without others knowing what you are working on. The answer for me is to just go ahead and make the things and not tell who they are for. The little ones’ gifts are made when they are sleeping or out with the older kids. The older ones simply ignore what I am doing.

Soon, the seed catalogs will start arriving. After the holidays, I will be reading through those. I can’t wait.


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