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Winter of Sewing Ahead November 17, 2011

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Today we had some very chilly winds all day. I am so happy that the kids are fully outfitted for winter. The only item left is a pair of boots for ds3. In efforts to get them ready, I have quickly realized that I am not prepared myself. Typical of a Mum. We make sure that everyone else is taken care of before seeing to our own needs.

I have a clothing pattern I have been wanting to sew for quite some time. It is the “Frillies” pattern from Buckaroo Bobbins. It contains underpinning basics of bloomers in 2 styles, petticoat, and 2 styles of camisole. I love the simplistic styling of the patterns. The pattern is based on actual historical clothing from the “old west” time period. In looking at the patterns, I find that when made with pretty fabrics instead of plain linen or muslin, the petticoat and camisole would make a pretty skirt & top set. The bloomers & camisole made in a linen or lightweight flannel would be very comfortable as sleepwear. For winter, I am going to make some flannel or linen bloomers to wear under my denim skirt. They should help greatly in keeping my legs warm. Flannel bloomers would also feel great under a nightgown for extra warmth. The petticoat pattern has a wide ruffle at the bottom. I am going to omit the ruffle and extend the petticoat length to compensate for the lack of a ruffle. I prefer my skirts to be ankle length, so I am going for that. The camisole comes in sleeveless and cap sleeve options. Both are pretty and very feminine in style. I want to make some sleeveless in flannel for wearing under my long sleeved shirts for added warmth. For summer, I will make some from a linen or calico fabric in the cap sleeve style.

Lots of sewing ahead. With luck, I will get at least one set of camisole & bloomers made by the month’s end. I also have Buckaroo Bobbins’ girls dress pattern called “Nicole’s Dress” to make for my dd5. It is a basic dress with pinafore similar in style to that worn by young Laura Ingalls in the TV show “Little House on the Prairie.” Dd5 loves that outfit, so I am going to make her one. One thing I love about the pattern from Buckaroo Bobbins is that the girls’ dress patterns come with all sizes 4-12 in one pattern pack for a very low cost. The adult patterns come in small to 2x in one packet.

Next up, making pants for ds3. His pant pattern will come from a different company since Buckaroo Bobbins doesn’t carry a boys’ pant pattern yet. His will be a simple style of broadfall pant. I already have the materials to make his suspenders. Both the broadfall pant pattern and the materials for suspenders come from Amish supply resources.


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