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Sorting & Planning Ahead November 17, 2011

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There are the sounds of the chilly wind outside my windows today. Guess that means the the autumn is finally deciding to stick around for a bit. Went out yesterday and got a few supplies. I am so happy to have our pantry set to handle keeping us well fed without needing to go buy food every week. At this point, most of what I buy are non-food items or I am stocking up food supplies when I see a great sale on something we use a lot of. The kitchen cookstove is such a blessing. Hearing the firewood crackling and feeling it’s warmth is always a favorite part of the cool weather for me. There is something comforting and homey about the wood stove.

The project of the day is getting clothing sorted out. Both of the young ones have had a growth spurt recently. So, I am now having to sort through their things to see what will be needing replaced. What can no longer be worn will either be re-purposed into something else or will be donated. Much of what needs replaced is their fleece sweatshirts and pants. They can be made into quilts or some other useful thing. The kids are pretty hard on their fleece clothing, so it rarely is donated.

We are planning to build a new home on the property. It will be a bit smaller in size and set up to be much more efficient to heat & keep cool. The old homestead we are currently living started out as only about 2-3 rooms in about 1890. By 1910, the house more than doubled in square footage with rooms being added on. The layout of the new home will be more squared off with a more open floor plan. We are still deciding on a floor plan. If all goes well, we hope to get started on building next spring. We will remain off-grid, using solar & possibly wind for any electricity we may have need of. We currently have a very small system we bought at a home improvement center which is sufficient for keeping the cell phone charged up. We will have a larger panel at the new home to give us the power needed to also use my netbook while it is also charging.

The location of the new home will be in what is now a back pasture area of the homestead. Unlike where our current home is located, the new one will not have a lot of tall trees shading the solar panel part of the day. There are a few trees but they will not be close enough to the house to shade the solar panel. I am going to research and see if there is a solar powered fan available that we can place in the home to work like an attic fan. Attic fans circulate the air through the home and draw the warm air out. I am thinking that I may be able to find something through a greenhouse supply that can be used in the home.


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