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My 1st Post November 2, 2011

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Where to begin?  It is always daunting to introduce yourself.  I am married to a wonderful husband and the mother of 5 children.  The eldest 3 are adults, then late in life I was blessed with 2 more.  My husband and I have a small farm property of 20 acres.  We live off grid and have a small solar power system set up currently just to charge up the cell phone.  My husband is a truck driver.  I am a SAHM and am homeschooling our 2 youngest children.

We are striving to live more simply and less dependent upon the “conveniences” which society deems to be so important.  In the nearly 4 years since we went off grid, we have never wished we had stayed on grid.  We have found a peace in this journey.

I refer to myself as a woman who is modern by necessity, but old fashioned by choice.  I am modern in that I do use a computer and have incorporated very sparingly used technology in our lives.  My heart though has always been one that treasures the old fashioned ways.  The older I get, the more the lifestyle of my Grandmothers before me makes sense.  There was great wisdom in how they lived their lives.  As I travel this journey to Simplicity, I am blessed to be learning their ways.  It brings joy to our family’s lives.


One Response to “My 1st Post”

  1. Dorena Says:

    Love this post! I’m in my 30s and wish my grandma’s were here to show/tell me the ‘old’ ways. I love the idea of simplicity. The saying holds true, “less is more”. I look forward to reading more of your posts.

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